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In the Eye of the Hurricane

As far back as I can remember, I have been transfixed by severe weather, specifically thunderstorms and hurricanes. My childhood home included a sunroom, where three sides of transparent glass encased a room filled with floral patterned furniture and a large ceiling fan. Many afternoons were spent in that space, a juxtaposition of calm and… Continue reading In the Eye of the Hurricane

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Becoming an Author in 2019

As I sit here at my writing desk reflecting on the past year, I am simply awestruck. I don't even know if I can fully articulate the impact 2019 has had on my life. It has been a transformational year. In 2019, I became a published author. Just typing those words still brings the novelty… Continue reading Becoming an Author in 2019


Embracing The Silence in the Whirlwind

This morning I awoke to a silent home. The children were still sleeping, their bodies resting from the weekend's events with family and friends. The slivers of light that normally seep through my bedroom window blinds from the early morning sunrise hadn't unveiled their beauty quite yet. It was dark. It was quiet. It was… Continue reading Embracing The Silence in the Whirlwind

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Be the I in Kind

Often when I am traveling and speaking, people will ask, "How do you teach about kindness when you don't have a class of your own?" It's the spark of a rich conversation focused on key elements of my role as an instructional coach and technology integrator. Simply put, I collaborate with teachers and administrators daily!… Continue reading Be the I in Kind

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The True Meaning of “Going 1:1”

One week ago I was presenting on a stage to a packed room filled with educators excited to learn more about cultivating kindness with their instructional lessons. The room was buzzing with positivity as people entered, and I was right there in the mix, greeting people at the door as they arrived. It was the… Continue reading The True Meaning of “Going 1:1”

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Celebrating the Average Child

I've always disliked the word "average" especially in correlation to student growth. Yes, I know it's a common word, and yes, I realize you have to have SOME word to represent the middle-of-the-road achievement. But "average" has always struck a nerve with me because of its lackluster negativity: not really awful, but not that great… Continue reading Celebrating the Average Child