Embracing The Silence in the Whirlwind

This morning I awoke to a silent home. The children were still sleeping, their bodies resting from the weekend’s events with family and friends. The slivers of light that normally seep through my bedroom window blinds from the early morning sunrise hadn’t unveiled their beauty quite yet.

It was dark.

It was quiet.

It was perfect.

I didn’t want to disrupt the simplicity of a day that had barely begun, but my mind instinctively started to race with mental reminders and to-do lists. Did the children have clean clothes for today? How many gift cards did I still need to purchase to complete my holiday shopping? Where did I hide that last gift that still needed to be wrapped? Did I have all the ingredients I needed to make dessert for the family Christmas celebration?

As my heart pounded a little faster with each passing thought, I caught a glimpse of light starting to shine across the room. It diverted my attention as I watched it slowly stretch its thin line of brilliance through the blinds. Subtle at first, the light continued to expand until the darkness that had enveloped my room dissipated, the colors and objects along the walls now visible to see.

The room was the same room it was mere minutes before, but the transition from dark to light allowed me see things with a new clarity of vision.

Photos of loved ones.

A warm fleece blanket still wrapped across my body.

A small stack of theater programs and artwork from my children, representing memories and moments I wanted to save.

My notebook to capture thoughts like these.

My favorite blue pen.

My kindness book.

Sometimes we need to embrace the silence in the whirlwind to let go of the panic and pressures of the season. In that small moment of my morning, I was given the gift of awe and appreciation for the many blessings I have in my life.




These are the wishes I hope for you this holiday season. That you might discover moments of silence for self-care and reflection. That the light of each day may overcome any darkness that lingers in your mind. That love will guide your words and actions and remind you of all the ways you are loved by others, too.

Thank you for the countless ways you have filled my life with light and love this past year. I am humbled beyond words from your encouragement as I continue to share my journey of kindness, motherhood, writing, and teaching with the world. There are many times I think, “How can I possibly be worthy of all this?” and just as quickly the whisper on my heart reminds me, “We are ALL worthy of this.”

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Joyeux Noël. May your holiday season radiate the warmth of kindness and joy, shining brightly with each passing day!


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