Passing Time

Have you ever noticed how time passes differently in various seasons of our life?

Sometimes we are in a bit of a rut, when time inches by like the hump of a caterpillar’s back:

Scrunch In.

Push up.

Reach forward.

Pull out.


There are other times when the world swirls around us like a hurricane, the seasons of change whipping around so quickly we become disoriented and frayed in the process.

My friend, Annick Rauch, recently shared a post reflecting on this season in her life as an educator. She mentioned not blogging a single time in the month of April, which made me pause and wonder, “When was the last time I wrote about things happening in my life?”

The answer was painfully clear:

Too long.

So here I sit on my back deck, in the warmth of spring sunshine, listening to the rumble of a construction crew pouring concrete on the foundation of the house being built next door. (If you missed all the drama of our woods being torn away for the sake of “new construction,” take a moment to read my post, “Imminent Change” from September 2019.) While it’s not the most peaceful way to spend my Friday afternoon, with the construction workers voices’ competing for space with my inner mind of reflection, the breeze is lovely and I am enjoying the sun’s heat shimmering across my arms.

I’m also here with you. My readers.

Reflecting. Writing. Sharing.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, our days and weeks are picking up speed with the hope of things to come. My oldest son landed a paid summer internship with a local engineering company. In two weeks, my daughter will graduate from college, move from one apartment into another, then begin her career, all over the course of 72 hours.

And the little guy? He’s just happy to have less homework these days.

There are changes on the horizon: big changes, small changes, and everything in between. The calendar is starting to fill with work schedules, family celebrations, travels near and far. It almost feels like a little slice of normal coming back into view, if I keep my eyes on what’s ahead, instead of what’s behind.

But then I add another event to the calendar and am reminded of the date.

Today is the last day of April.

Tomorrow is May 1.

May is the month my mother died.

Four more days.

Be gentle with those around you. Whether your days are passing at a snail’s pace or tumbling with the turbulence of the ocean, we are all in this thing together. Some of us are savoring the sunshine while others are wallowing in the weeds. It’s been a really tough year for many.

Be kind. Be understanding. Make space for those around you.

Remember to show love when you can and try not to get your feathers ruffled too much when things don’t go your way.

And if you need a friend, I’m right here for you. Come pull up a chair and we can savor the sunshine together.

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