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Four Years

My goodness.

Today I awoke thinking of the extreme range of emotions on this day four years ago:

Panic. Heartbreak. Surprise.

Celebration. Jubilation. Wistfulness.

Sadness. Sorrow. Gratitude.

How can so many emotions fill the space of an ordinary day that remains frozen in the cracks and crevices of my mind? A day that ended up being anything but ordinary?

Four years.

I think about all the things you’ve missed:

Graduation. Performances. Sports Events.

Birthdays. Holidays. Vacations.

Book signings. Award Ceremonies. Keynote presentations.

I feel you lingering in my soul in the most unexpected moments, when a sight of a heart in the world around me shows you’re only a heartbeat away.

This morning I wished for a sign.

From you.


And without fail, you showed me that I’m never alone.

See, even in those quiet moments, when I’m sitting alone on my front porch, wrapped in my favorite navy sweater watching storm clouds fill the sky, you know the exact moment I will look towards the sky.

My goodness.

Thank you for being my mom.

Thank you for giving me life.

Thank you for showing your heart today.

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