New Beginnings – Act 5

For the past few weeks, our three year old has been mesmerized by the Chuck E. Cheese commercials on TV, where "a kid can be a kid!" He gazes longingly at all the fun the children are having then turns to us and proclaims, "I want to be a kid, too!" Every time he says… Continue reading New Beginnings – Act 5


New Beginnings – Act 2

Last night I decided to celebrate the life of James Mattioli, age 6. I discovered through the internet that he was actually 6 and 3/4 and was "quick to remind everyone" of his exact age. Like many boys his age, he was active. He loved playing outside. Riding his bike. Swimming. He enjoyed playing inside,… Continue reading New Beginnings – Act 2

Kind Actions

Observing Kindness in Others

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind with vacations and end-of-summer activities.  Despite the craziness this time of year brings into my life (and the lives of others!) I've had an amazing opportunity to observe kindness in others: Two friends posted stories of kindness on their Facebook pages (Click here to read their status… Continue reading Observing Kindness in Others