Blessing Others, Kind Actions

RAK Mob At Rosa’s

Today I arrived in Philadelphia, PA for the ISTE Conference (#ISTE2015 for those of you on Twitter) - a jam-packed whirlwind of learning for all things related to educational technology. (That's a really fancy way of saying the most awesome conference ever for teachers-turned-tech-geeks like me.) As you may know, Philly is called the "City… Continue reading RAK Mob At Rosa’s


Random Act of Kindness #12 of #26acts

Where do I even begin? I have tried to write this post several times over the past 72 hours to no avail. It seems with each RAK I complete, more madness, more sadness enters this world. I find it very difficult to share the simplest of blessings, overwhelmed by the grief of tragedy and loss.… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness #12 of #26acts


New Beginnings – Act 5

For the past few weeks, our three year old has been mesmerized by the Chuck E. Cheese commercials on TV, where "a kid can be a kid!" He gazes longingly at all the fun the children are having then turns to us and proclaims, "I want to be a kid, too!" Every time he says… Continue reading New Beginnings – Act 5


New Beginnings – Act 2

Last night I decided to celebrate the life of James Mattioli, age 6. I discovered through the internet that he was actually 6 and 3/4 and was "quick to remind everyone" of his exact age. Like many boys his age, he was active. He loved playing outside. Riding his bike. Swimming. He enjoyed playing inside,… Continue reading New Beginnings – Act 2