#26acts, Blessing Others

Random Act of Kindness #7 of #26acts

Ever had a day where the weather was so beautiful, so perfect, you wanted to just freeze time forever? We’ve had several days like that around here recently. This past weekend I couldn’t wait to visit one of my favorite places, Maymont Park. Nothing relaxes me more than taking a stroll through that park. Hundreds… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness #7 of #26acts

Kind Actions

Observing Kindness in Others

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind with vacations and end-of-summer activities.  Despite the craziness this time of year brings into my life (and the lives of others!) I've had an amazing opportunity to observe kindness in others: Two friends posted stories of kindness on their Facebook pages (Click here to read their status… Continue reading Observing Kindness in Others