Running #AMOK

When you tell someone you spent the morning running amok, you are sure to receive some odd looks. After all, who announces their seemingly uncontrollable behavior with such joy? This is when I wish little speech bubbles would appear above our heads when we talk, so people can see that I'm referencing #AMOK, the Annual… Continue reading Running #AMOK

AMOK, Blessing Others

Random Act of Kindness – Candy and Maps #AMOK #RAK

Did you know that today, March 1, 2014, is the Annual Melee of Kindness? According to, over 498 participants in 18 countries performed 156 acts of kindness all in one day last year.  How fun! This year, I'm adding two of my own acts to the list.  Read below to find out what I… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness – Candy and Maps #AMOK #RAK