Running #AMOK

When you tell someone you spent the morning running amok, you are sure to receive some odd looks. After all, who announces their seemingly uncontrollable behavior with such joy? This is when I wish little speech bubbles would appear above our heads when we talk, so people can see that I'm referencing #AMOK, the Annual… Continue reading Running #AMOK

Blessing Others, Kind Actions

Random Act of Kindness – April Fool’s Day (No Joke!) #RAK #aprilfool

You gotta love April Fool's Day.  It's the one day of the year where you can pull a prank on someone else and it's not only laughed away in silliness, but actually encouraged!  Now if you are not silly in nature, I'm sure this yearly occurrence is nothing short of annoying. Either way, when you… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness – April Fool’s Day (No Joke!) #RAK #aprilfool

Kind Actions

Renewed Purpose – #26 Acts

Now that my 40th Birthday Project is complete, I find myself in "Random Act of Kindness Withdrawal" (if there even is such a thing!)  I have read many articles and blogs about people doing kind things for others in rememberance of the 26 students and teachers who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary… Continue reading Renewed Purpose – #26 Acts