Running #AMOK

When you tell someone you spent the morning running amok, you are sure to receive some odd looks. After all, who announces their seemingly uncontrollable behavior with such joy? This is when I wish little speech bubbles would appear above our heads when we talk, so people can see that I'm referencing #AMOK, the Annual… Continue reading Running #AMOK

Blessing Others, Kind Actions

Humbled by the Homeless

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." ~ John Bunyan I've seen this quote again and again posted in my favorite social media sites and it gives me pause each time I see it. Instantly I think of grandiose actions: paying off someone's Christmas gift layaway… Continue reading Humbled by the Homeless

Blessing Others, Kind Actions

#RAKFriday 2014

Ahhhh... another year of Black Friday has officially come and gone. Like years past, I spent the day doing random acts of kindness in the midst of my shopping, looking for opportunities to bless others with kindness. Here's a list of what I did! 1.  I taped a dollar bill to a Matchbox car at… Continue reading #RAKFriday 2014

Blessing Others, Kind Actions

Random Act of Kindness – Small Surprises for Hair Stylists @RAKFoundation #randomactsofkindness #hair

Think back to your last haircut.  What was the experience like?  Was it a quick trip to the barber "just take a little off the top", or was it a lengthy cut and style, marked by intermittent chit-chat and catching up?  Whatever the mode or fashion, we've all found the need for hair stylists in… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness – Small Surprises for Hair Stylists @RAKFoundation #randomactsofkindness #hair