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Be the Change

One of the reasons I love connecting with other people on Twitter and Facebook are the inspiring messages they share. This morning I was delighted to read a TBT post from Four O’Clock Faculty, reminding us that small moments matter.

I am a keeper of small moments. 

I celebrate everything!

As many of you know, my oldest child is heading to college in a few weeks. She is the first grandchild of my mom and dad to begin such an endeavor; it’s a game-changer for my entire family. My daughter is a self-professed introvert and very private, so you can imagine the levels of angst that accompany such a milestone event. One of her greatest worries is having to share a room with a stranger.

Thankfully, a close friend of hers also received acceptance to the same university and Leadership Program, so the girls quickly agreed to be roommates. They each requested the other when completing acceptance paperwork and assumed they were good to go for the first year of school. They picked a color theme for their room, purchased coordinating comforters, and started to make plans with furniture arrangements and who would bring what the first week.

We always hope for smooth transitions, but sometimes we encounter rough seas.

My daughter’s university creates fall schedules for freshmen students based on survey questions answered through their website. During a week-long campus orientation in June, she received her schedule and discovered a required class for her leadership program was missing. She was also placed in a different Learning Community than her requested roommate, thus making it impossible to be paired with her for the upcoming school year.

Talk about angst! Not the way we wanted to start off a life-changing experience!

We were directed to Student Services where we met Eric Sutton. We shared our concerns and he was quick to agree that changes should be made and he could help. His smile reassured us that everything would be OK.

It wasn’t a quick fix.

My daughter had to drop a class to add the Leadership class. Her friend had to change multiple classes to get into the same Learning Community. They both had to appear in person to verbally agree that this is what they wanted to do to be roommates.

It took time. 




Eric offered several options for course substitutions and continued to work with my daughter’s friend throughout the summer until she was satisfied with her schedule. His commitment to excellence and his friendly communication was the epitome of quality customer service with a personal touch.

We felt like he really cared about our children.

Yesterday the university released roommate selections and we discovered the girls were paired together as roommates. You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief! No more angst about who would be living in the same room for a year and no need to return dorm decor!

I immediately composed a letter to the university president, commending Eric’s work ethic for going above and beyond to help us with our dilemma. I also made a copy to send to Eric. Maybe he can add this to his own “Smile File” to remind him that his work is meaningful and small moments matter.

We need to recognize the small moments.

We need to act on those whispers on our heart.

We need to say “thank you” and “please” and show our appreciation for others.

We need to be the change we want to see in the world.




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