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Blessings Received

Just a quick post as a shout out for a blessing received! Yesterday as I was leaving one school to travel to another (in the cold drizzle I might add), I noticed the side door of my van opening v-e-r-y… s-l-o-w-l-y… and then… nothing. Nothing! The door wouldn’t shut, the car wouldn’t start, and I was stuck with the clock ticking down the minutes before my technology training session was to begin at the other school.

Help! With a few desperate calls for assistance, I had one co-worker driving me home to swap cars and another signing into a computer to make my frantic transition a bit smoother. The training started on time and all went well, but my afternoon could have been much worse had it not been for the kindness displayed by my coworkers.

When you least expect it, you will face a bump in the road (or in my case a dead battery in your car, lol.). If you are a “cup half empty” type of person, you might have that bump turn into a mountain, and struggle with the climb. If you have a “cup half full” mindset, you will immediately look to others for help and expect kindness to be shared, making the journey a bit easier each step along the way.

Instead of cup half empty/cup half full, I’m simply happy to have a cup! I can fill it daily with kindness of others and treasure in the blessings they share. That, my friends, is a wonderful place to be. My cup is overflowing and I am blessed indeed! 🙂

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