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PD by the Numbers

Much of my job as an ITRT revolves around professional development. Our role in the school is to provide "on-demand professional development support for students, teachers, and administrators." No small task indeed!Traditionally, PD has been a laborious duty of "sit and get." Three-hour sessions. Don't fall asleep. (I'm reminded of the theme from Gilligan's Island… Continue reading PD by the Numbers

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Comfort Zone – Reflections from 2015

Like many people this time of year, I brainstorm New Year resolutions with the best of intentions. Write more. Organize more. Be more. Surely writing my resolutions makes them materialize from wishes to wins, right?As I dove feet-first into 2015 and settled into the familiar rhythm of work, family, and life, I quickly forgot what… Continue reading Comfort Zone – Reflections from 2015