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Five Years

Five Years.

That’s how long I have been without a mother.

Today I wondered if I would see any hearts in the world around me, but nothing was unusual. Just another day, another date on the calendar.

The world continues on.

I listened to multiple renditions of “May the Fourth Be With You” as I silently wondered if my mom would be with me in spirit today.

It’s a weird juxtaposition when you lose a parent, especially when many of your friends still have theirs. It’s difficult to put into words the crashing waves of emotion you feel on the anniversary of their death.

For you, the date is seared into your memory. For others, it’s just another day in May.

Tonight as I was finishing my dinner, I absentmindedly scooped one final spoonful of pasta into my spoon and there it was.

The sign I was hoping to see all day.

Hi mom.

It’s been a while.

Thanks for sending a hug from heaven.

#HiMom Heart


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1 thought on “Five Years”

  1. Tamara, these dates do sear into your being… yes that heart is from her! 5 years, oh my, I understand. My dad’s been gone for 16 years and ever since he’s been gone I’ve found dimes and thought of him…in the washer, on the ground, etc, don’t quite know why but I know he’s smiling down on me. So…take that pasta heart and know she’s with you, sending her love from above!!

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