Four Months

Today marks four months on the calendar.
Four months of silence.
Four months of “after.”
Four months of missing my mom.
I’m reminded of her often, especially when I notice something unexpected. Since she passed away in May, I have become more attuned to those moments, pausing to soak them in and smile, gentle reminders that I’m not alone.
Today there was a flutter of activity outside our back window. Three different birds chose to perch on the railing of our deck while several hummingbirds fluttered near the feeder, reminding me that it needed a refill. Two woodpeckers climbed around a tree, their bright red heads bobbing back and forth as they pecked at the bark on the side.
It was a peaceful morning, no sadness, no regret, just a calm understanding that today was four months after her passing.
A little later, I was talking about her final week as I poured some cereal in a bowl. My eyes were drawn to the biggest bran flake I had ever seen when I suddenly realized it was another God-wink to me from my mom: the bran flake was shaped like a heart.
Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we are loved. As always, it was perfect timing. How can you show someone you care today?
Life is short. Share kindness and love each chance you get. You really can transform someone else’s day!


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