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Kindness Share Fair 2017

On May 9, 2017, our students had an opportunity to share their kindness projects with their peers, parents, and other stakeholders in our community. We invited everyone at school, putting flyers in mailboxes and sending letters home with students.

The laptop lab was decorated for our festive showcase with colorful streamers and balloons with each project display on tables, much like a conference poster session. We even had a raffle for fun gifts, allowing students to pass out tickets to guests who stopped by their presentation.

Ready to share kindness with the world!
Raffle Prizes

The highlight of the event was having students talk about their Kindness Passion Projects. They couldn’t wait to share the many ways they have showed kindness to others! The room was packed from start to finish, filled with a buzz of excitement and positive energy.

Take a peek at their projects below – the titles link to details about each passion project!

A Basket Full of Kindness
By: Gabriella
By: Mackenzie
By: Raegan
By: Jenna
By: Colten
By: Alice
By: Lexi
by: Madison
By: Bella
By: Holly
By: Jalon
By: Luke
By: Maxwell
By: Kayden
By: Summer
By: Imare’
By: Davis, Tyler, and Todd

The room was overflowing as guests stopped and chatted with students, asking questions about their passion projects. The endless smiles of students and guests reminded us that kindness matters and no matter how old we are, we can inspire others!

Mrs. Cross’ family attended as well to share in the joy of the day and see the positive impact her teaching has on the students at Mechanicsville Elementary. What a delight!

After an engaging morning of kindness presentations, the students celebrated with a cookie and group photo in front of their event sign.

We often reflect about the impact our teaching has on students and if our lessons make a difference. I can say without exception that “A Passion for Kindness” not only positively impacted our students, but it changed me as well.

Throughout this year, my mom has been fighting a losing battle with lung cancer and was hospitalized during our final preparations. In between the dress rehearsal and Kindness Share Fair, my mom passed away. Even though our students were at the peak of learning, with presentation practice and standardized testing right around the corner, they also learned a life lesson, too – empathy.

Students took time out of their day to write letters and cards to my mom, sharing kind words about me as a daughter and teacher as well as hopeful sentiments for her to feel better. These cards were exactly what I needed to read in the days following her death. Their kind words filled my broken heart and helped me press on through the pain. In fact, they had such an impact on me and my family that we displayed their sweet sentiments during my mom’s funeral reception for all to see.

The week after our Kindness Fair, Mrs. Cross unexpectedly lost her dad as well. Once again, our students showed maturity beyond their years as their kindness lifted our spirits through the toughest of days.

Now some may be thinking this is the end of our story, but I can assure you that it’s just the beginning! We have seen our students grow exponentially where kindness is a thread woven in all we do. We have also discovered how we can change the world, one act of kindness at a time. This project has transformed our learning: about kindness, about others, about ourselves.

We are forever changed from “A Passion for Kindness!”

If you would like to learn more about our journey this year, please visit or email Mrs. Letter directly at We would like to thank our amazing students, parents, coworkers, administrative team, and community stakeholders for their support. We would also like to thank the Hanover Education Foundation (HEF) for their financial support through “A Passion for Kindness” grant.

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