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Missing Wallet

Tonight as we pulled into the Cracker Barrel parking lot for dinner, my son spotted something on the ground. “Look what I found,” he exclaimed, as he bent over to pick up the rectangular object. “It’s somebody’s wallet!”

Have you ever misplaced your wallet? Oh my goodness, talk about instant panic. I could only imagine this poor woman’s plight as she was probably frantic at this exact moment. 

I tried to locate some contact information for the gal, but despite having a wallet filled with cards there was no phone number to find. I searched the internet for the address shown on her driver’s license, but someone else’s name appeared. I even tried to find her on Facebook to no avail.

Now what?

The right thing to do would be to turn in the wallet to the manager, but that made me nervous. Nothing against Cracker Barrel, but I’ve had friends who’ve picked up their lost wallets from businesses with everything important gone. I didn’t want that to happen to this girl.

I approached the server stand and asked if anyone had come in asking about a wallet. The ladies stared back at me, shaking their heads no. Suddenly one of them broke the silence. “Wait a minute! Angie! Angie lost her wallet just today when she was helping someone who locked their keys in the car! I bet that’s Angie’s wallet!”

I clutched the wallet to my chest, still cautious to give it away, and asked for Angie’s last name. When she told me the name that matched the information inside, I shrieked with joy and gave her the wallet. “Yes! This is hers! Oh my goodness, how wonderful!” We walked together to find a manager and I wrote a quick note on his notepad:

He promised to put her wallet in the store’s safe until she returned back to work.

Sometimes it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. So relieved this story has a happy ending! 🙂

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