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RAK Friday 2015

One of my favorite “non-holidays” of the year is #RAKFriday, traditionally known as Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. I truly love being out and about, mingling with the crowds and immersing myself in the first official day of Christmas shopping.

What makes a #RAKFriday different than Black Friday? It’s a simple shift in perspective! Those participating in #RAKFriday make a commitment to do something nice or kind for a stranger throughout the day, then share their story through Twitter or Facebook, inspiring others to do the same. You can click here to read more about #RAKFriday if you like.

This year, I invited my teenaged daughter to join me in the fun and frolic. This was her first adventure shopping the day after Thanksgiving and we had a blast!  Below are just a few of the things we did to bless others:

  • We started our day at Target, when the sky was dark and moon still out. Here we bought some toys to bless local children as part of our community’s “Fox Holiday Sox” (we will continue to purchase more items until their stockings are overflowing!)



  • At NY&Co, we donated money to St. Jude’s and got to ring the bell! I love shopping in stores that make a commitment to donate to charity (especially St. Jude’s which is near and dear to our hearts!)


  • At Bath & Body Works we left some coupons for someone else to use (one included a free gift!)


  • At JCPenney, I discovered a mess in the fitting room, so I hung the clothes nicely on the hangers and put them where they belonged. Working retail can be an exhausting job, especially on Black Friday. While it may not seem like much, it was a small gesture of kindness that made my heart happy!


  • When I left the store, I hid another coupon to brighten a shopper’s day.


  • I left a few dollar bills tucked in between toys at Five & Below but was having so much fun I forgot to snap a photo. Oops! I also ran into my cousins, Wendy and Tori, which was like a RAK for me! So fun!
  • My daughter hates to take selfies with me, but I convinced her to take one through an ornament hanging on the tree at the mall. Another RAK for me!


  • I treated my daughter to a surprise sushi lunch at a new restaurant, then tipped the waiter 40% of the bill (20% for me and 20% for her, just because it’s fun to overtip!) I didn’t take a photo of the bill, but managed to snap one of the sushi we shared – yum!


  • At Old Navy, I overheard a customer trying to find a coat for her son in the same size I had in my hands. Without hesitation, I handed her the coat. She was so surprised! No photo, but the memory of her smile still shines brightly in my mind. 🙂
  • In the checkout line, I allowed three people to go ahead of me as I waited for my daughter to join me. Again, not a huge RAK, but all 3 people smiled back in appreciation.
  • When we arrived home from our long day of shopping, I cracked open the sparkling cider and shared a toast with my daughter, celebrating her first official #RAKFriday. Her initiation is now complete and my heart is full, being able to share in a day of kindness with her.

May your holiday season be filled with peace, love and joy, and may you continue to find small ways to share kindness with others!

Thank you for blessing me as a faithful reader of my RAK posts! 😊

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