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World Kindness Week: Compliments

Did you know that today begins World Kindness Week? I’m always a bit amused when we have to declare a week or a day to remind us to be extra kind or considerate, something that should be innate in our souls. However, I am thankful for the designation because it reminds me that today there are hundreds, even thousands, of people across the world making a conscious decision to be kind.

That, my friends, is awesome. 🙂

This week my goal is to share some of my stories of kindness given and received, so that you may be inspired to share kindness with others as well.

As an American culture, we sometimes get caught up in the expense of kindness. “If I had a million dollars, I would…” “I wish I had enough money to…”Yes, I will admit that having extra money to pass along to others with free meals or surprises makes a lovely random act of kindness indeed. (That’s half the reason I tutor on the side, to fund my RAK habit, lol.)

But some of the most meaningful RAKs happen for free. You give of your time to help out another. You listen to a distraught friend. You compliment someone. You hold open a door. You smile. 🙂

These random acts of kindness are just as powerful, especially when unexpected. Today I complimented another teacher on the color of her sweater, how it brought out the blue in her eyes. Those same eyes sparkled with surprise as she told me the sweater was “nothing special.”

I would have to disagree. Perception is reality. That sweater transformed her eyes to the clearest sky on a beautiful summer day. It was, in fact, the first thing I noticed about her as we passed each other in the hallway. Her eyes reflected the beauty I could see in her spirit, and I felt compelled to let her know.

When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? Sure, it’s harder to compliment a stranger versus a friend, but your compliment may be the only positive interaction a person will have all day. Make the effort to share your kind thoughts!

Feel free to tweet your World Kindness Week RAKs and tag me at @HCPSTinyTech. You can also comment below or leave me a FB post. Let’s brighten this world with kindness and joy! 🙂

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