Blessing Others

Simple Moments

Today is a special day for all Americans as we honor those individuals who have served, or are currently serving, to protect the many freedoms and rights our country enjoys. I thought of my husband, who served seven years in the Air Force; I was reminded of his father who served in the same branch two decades before him. I reflected on the service of my grandfather, whose smiling face greets me as I hold the tattered black and white photo of him in his sailor’s uniform.

Today is a day of respect.

For me, today is a triple whammy of sorts. 11/11 is a date that swings the pendulum of deepest sorrow to greatest joy. It’s the day my grandmother passed away. It’s the day my sister got married.

For me, today is a day of memories.

I wanted to do an extra special RAK and I brainstormed quite a bit for a way to somehow unite all three occasions in a monumental random act of kindness. Alas, my work day ended with no great stories to share.

Unless… I shared with you the simple moments of kindness I experienced today. I often hear people describe their kind actions as “no big deal,” but I think there is value in all RAKs performed. Here are a few examples of mine.

I had a teacher ask to use some printer paper. I gave her a entire ream.


I had a teacher smile and chat with me in the teacher’s lounge as I heated my frozen meal for lunch. I had another teacher hold open the door as I walked near, my hands overflowing with things to carry. I had a student run up to me saying, “Mrs. Letter! I picked this for you!”


I had a friend describe her stressful day, which inspired me to stop on the way home to surprise her with cupcakes (because everyone knows chocolate fixes everything!)


I enjoyed a spectacular sunset, reminding me of the beauty in each day.


See, this is my journey, these random acts of kindness. While I will never have the valor of a veteran, nor the nobility of royals, this is my way of giving back to the people, to the country, I love. Yes, I know I don’t risk my life to complete this mission (unless you count driving in heavy traffic, because that could come a close second, lol) but I understand the purpose clearly: Serve. Honor. Make a difference.

Today is not about me; it’s a day to honor those who readily sacrificed everything to protect our country and it’s people. But since I wasn’t able to bless a veteran, I thought sharing simple moments of kindness in my day might inspire others to do the same.

I know my Grandpa would be proud. 🙂

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