Blessing Others, Kind Actions


For my loyal followers, I must begin with apologies for the decrease in blog postings.  I have enjoyed life so much being “in the moment” that I haven’t had a second to spare to write about the various RAKs I’ve completed the past week.  We are knee-deep in birthday party season at my house which means I am swimming through a sea of crepe paper and balloons just to locate my laptop which is buried three levels below the surface of celebrations.

Celebrations.  Isn’t that how life should be?  Just one rolling river of celebrations.  Oh, how I would love for that to be my reality every day! I am definitely a party girl at heart.  I love the anticipation of seeing friends, old and new.  The palatable excitement and nervous energy leading up to the big event.  The planning.  The prepping.  The hustle and bustle of making sure everything is coming together right on time.  The event itself is the pinnacle of joy, cresting the mountain of bliss and sliding down with a smile.

I. Love. Celebrations!

Yesterday, I took my daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday invitations to the post office to make sure they didn’t exceed the maximum size and weight for a traditional one-stamp envelope.  (For those who know my daughter, yes, she made her own invitations in the same style as her KitKatKards business.) As I waited patiently in line, I distracted myself by thinking of all the activities we had planned to make her party the best one yet.  Like me, my daughter also loves to celebrate, so we were getting excited to see our random ideas and brainstorming sessions finally paving the way for laughter and life-long memory making.

“Next in line, please,” the postal worker called, jarring me from my pleasant reflections.  I approached the counter and explained my purpose: to weigh my envelopes and purchase however many stamps were needed.

“One stamp will be plenty,” he said with a friendly smile.  “How wonderful!” I replied.  He reached into his side drawer and before I could even request the type of stamp I wanted, he handed me this:

Celebrate Stamp

I looked up to see his smile stretched across his face, his delight reflecting mine. “This one work for you, miss?”  he asked with a slight hint of southern charm. “That’s perfect!” I replied, clasping my hands together with joy.  He nodded and finished the transaction while I added the stamps to the birthday invitations.  Within moments, my cards were whisked away to the “Mail Today” slot and I was back in my car, driving away.

Celebrate.  Why yes!  Celebrate!  What a wonderful way to end my day – with a reminder to celebrate the small joys in life.  Sure, the naysayers would reply, “Well, he was just doing his job,” but my inner Pollyanna likes to think that he chose that stamp just for me.  He saw the bright pink handwritten envelopes; he knew it was something festive I was mailing.  He knew.  He cared.  He wanted to make me smile.

Best of all… he did.  🙂

May your day be filled with small reminders that you are special.  You are loved.  You are worthy of celebration!

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