Selfie Sparkle

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, a much-needed reprieve from the dreary, cold, overcast weather we’ve endured for several months. With temperatures rising into the low 80’s, I couldn’t wait to spend some time after work at one of my favorite parks.

I sat on the weathered, wooden bench that overlooks the lake and pulled out a book to read, feeling the breeze dance across my face as the rays of the sun sparkled across the water nearby. With each word I read, I was pulled away from the stress and strife of life and lifted up with hope and positivity. As I finished one chapter and started the next, I heard the jingle of a dog collar and looked up. To my right there was a family of three, leaning over the wooden rail, watching the fish and turtles swim in the lake. To my left was a lady with her black dog trying to take a selfie with the lake behind her.

I watched her for a moment, my gaze hidden behind my sunglasses. She was kneeling beside her pet, her phone in her left hand; her right hand holding the dog leash close. She smiled towards her outstretched arm, then tried to get her dog to look at the camera, too. The dog sat obediently, but looked this way and that, mesmerized by the sights and smells of the park.

Without hesitation, I closed my book and left my bench, a smile on my face as I approached the girl and her dog. “Want me to take your picture?” She looked up and returned my smile with a genuine “Thank you!” as she handed me her phone.

She kneeled again and I got into position, my role shifting from observer to photographer. I took several photos of her and her dog with the lake shimmering in the background. “I hope one of these works out,” I replied as I handed her phone back. As I returned to my bench, she shouted, “You really made my day! I am so happy you did that for me!” The gratitude in her tone was so pure and authentic, it made me shine a little brighter than I had before.

As I sat back on the bench and picked up my book, I started to laugh at the title that stared back at me. Perhaps it will give you a giggle as well!

Today’s random act of kindness may not seem like much to some, but I know it meant a lot to this gal and her dog. Sometimes the best way to take a selfie is to have someone do it for you.

What ways have you stepped out of your comfort zone to help a stranger in need? Comment below and share your stories so we can inspire the world!


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