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Coffee, Anyone?

During summer break, teachers have to pack up most of their classrooms and either find creative ways to store everything along the walls and on cabinets, or they have to take items home. This means the first day back is a time of hustle-and-bustle, with everyone moving things back in, unpacking, rearranging furniture, setting up.

Several teachers stopped by the lab today as I was bringing in my curtains and coffee maker, asking questions about the Tiny Tech Cafe. It was fun to share my vision with others, especially those who aren’t on Facebook and had no idea what I was trying to do!

Our principal’s presentation this morning focused on three themes for the year: Relationships, Equity, and Relevance. It made my heart so happy to know that my mission for the Tiny Tech Cafe aligned with her mission of strengthening relationships! How cool is that?

Then it was time to get nitty-gritty in the lab. Since this isn’t a traditional classroom, it’s often used as a storage space for items that won’t fit in other places. I opened my door to see dozens of computers stacked on a long table; my teacher’s desk buried under bags and boxes.

It was a little overwhelming to say the least! Thankfully, our sysop had spent time in the room before me and had the student laptops arranged on the other tables (Thanks, Brenda!)

As I started to move things around, a few more teachers stopped by to chat. Two teachers, Carrie Sutton and Jennifer Madison, both offered me easels, which was listed on my GoFundMe wish list! So awesome!

One of the first things I desperately wanted to set up was the coffee/tea station. About a month ago, I had purchased a little table stand at a yard sale and repainted it in a light mocha color with coffee swirls for added decoration. The coffee swirls matched the ones I painted on my canvas, too!

Transforming the stand from canary yellow to mocha cream.
Mixing paint colors to make coffee swirls.
The stand is ready to move!
A closer look at the detailed coffee swirls.

I couldn’t wait to set up my coffee/tea stand, but I had some major hurdles ahead of me. See, the coffee maker, which would go on this stand, had to plug into the side wall. The wall behind the table with all the computers, which was buried four rows deep.

It took nearly 4 hours to clear everything out of the way (which included me giving away that long table and my oversized teacher’s desk), but the result was totally worth it! Look how cute the space is now!


And here is my favorite coffee/tea stand, ready for service:


I AM SO EXCITED!! Who will be the first guest in the Tiny Tech Cafe?

My joy today was compounded when I checked my phone and discovered that three more donations were made to my GoFundMe account since my previous post last night. WOW! A special thank you to Lisa Lockhart, Colleen Herrera, and an anonymous donor! Your generosity has pushed this campaign to $260 which is enough to have GoFundMe add another $50 to the fund!

Oh my goodness, such JOY!!

My next steps in making the Tiny Tech Cafe a reality include purchasing a sofa and bookshelf as well as putting up my curtains and decorating the walls. If enough money is raised through this campaign, I can add more joy with a rug, a floor lamp and some current books by my favorite educational authors, which will available for teachers to borrow.

Thank you, faithful readers, for joining in to support the Tiny Tech Cafe! If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please click here or share this post and tag a friend! I appreciate each and every one of you!

More tomorrow!

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