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Today as I was surfing my Twitter feed during lunch, I saw the COOLEST post from one of my followers @mrbadura. (No, that’s not a paradox – tech geeks will understand just how uplifting it is to peruse great ideas of others at just the tap of a social media icon.) The topic was #bookitforward and the post, originally shared by @terrieichholz described the bewilderment and excitement of her daughter receiving a book from a friend with no pretense.  No expectation of reciprocity.  A book given just because.


If you haven’t heard of #BookItForward, take a peek at this video, created by @iamkidpresident (who is engaging in his own right.) I love his rationale: IDEAS CHANGE THINGS. Yes! Yes they do! So often we are dissuaded from doing more or sharing with others, thinking “My idea can’t make a REAL difference in this world.” My response to this is, “How do you know, if you never begin?”

I am passionate about writing. Back in the day (referencing my college life 20+ years ago), I had my own journal of poetry where I would express myself through prose and rhymed couplets. I even had one of my poems published in our university’s literary magazine my freshman year – such a thrill for a beginning writer! Today I decided to #BookItForward by blessing our school’s reading specialist with a book of poetry she could enjoy and share with others.

No obligation. No expectation for a gift in return. Just a simple note to say “Thanks” for all she does for our students on campus.

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Be a stuff-starter. Start something good and keep it going! Share your story and inspire others. If you have a book you love, or even a topic/genre, send it along to someone else with the hashtag #BookItForward. All great ideas start with the action of one.  🙂

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