Kindness Cultivator

Chapter 4 – Cathy O’Grady

Tell us more about the day your kindness foundation, Sofia’s Angels, paid off all the layaways at Toys ‘R Us.

One of our most rewarding RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) was when we walked into Toys R Us, on the last day to pick up the layaways, and asked the customer service clerk to pick a couple of layaways and we would pay for them.  As she printed them out and we were going through them, it felt uneasy to have to pick a few. What if I missed that one that would make all the difference in a child’s life? What if I missed the one where the parents would have to come in and cancel and worry how the children would be, waking up Christmas morning with no gifts under the tree.  At that moment, I made the decision to pay for all the layaways.

I witnessed some of the most heartwarming expressions. From the single mom that came in to cancel her layaway cause she didn’t have the funds to pay for it, after being told that Sofia’s Angels took care of it, she came around and fell to her knees in tears. To the woman that always wanted to be a surrogate but had been putting it off. When her layaway was one that was paid, she knew that, paying it forward would be making another couple parents. A year later, she emailed me to tell me she gave birth to a little girl and she wanted to thank us for showing her family so much love that she knew it was time to pay it forward

What’s an example of kindness you have received?

The best kindness I have received is meeting and becoming friends with a lot of the people that were recipients of our RAOK.  My life is so enriched, because of them. Everyone has a story and I love that they trust me with theirs.

What advice would you give to others who are trying to cultivate kindness in the world?

Start small… look at people in the eyes and smile.  Everyone wants to be noticed and with today’s infatuation with the phones, we forget to connect with people and give them a smile.

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