#TeachersWrite Day 4: Expanding Voice and Characterization

Today's Teachers Write task comes from author Tracey Baptiste, challenging us to dive into character voice. There are 4 separate exercises; each task concentrating on a different aspect of character voice, some timed for quick responses. We were asked to choose a character from a work in progress, one who we are still trying to… Continue reading #TeachersWrite Day 4: Expanding Voice and Characterization

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#TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Sketch

Wednesdays are usually Q & A days at Teachers Write, where we have the opportunity to ask published authors questions about the writing process or other aspects of writing/publishing. Sometimes there will also be a writing prompt, as provided today by Melanie Crowder.We are challenged to create and expand a character sketch, which is new… Continue reading #TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Sketch


#TeachersWrite Day 2: Character Quick-Write

Today's writing task is from author Phil Bildner, challenging us to develop characters from observing those around us. Oh my, if this isn't a southerner's dream assignment! Being TOLD to people-watch for the craft of writing... why yes, I do believe I can accomplish this goal! I'm a people-watcher by nature. The act of social… Continue reading #TeachersWrite Day 2: Character Quick-Write

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#TeachersWrite Day 1: Wonder List

Today begins the first day of my favorite summer writing camp - Teachers Write! Created by Kate Messner, this camp encourages teachers of all disciplines to be brave with their writing and share with an authentic audience which includes other teachers and published authors. For more information on Teachers Write click this link: For those… Continue reading #TeachersWrite Day 1: Wonder List