The Seeds You Sow

You know what’s awesome?

Shopping in a store and having someone shout across the aisle, “WAIT! I KNOW YOU… YOU WERE MY COMPUTER TEACHER IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!”

It’s been nearly a decade since this man was a boy at our school. He’s had countless teachers help him lead and learn over the years (and to clarify, I never had him as a full-time student – he was in another teacher’s class where I occasionally led technology lessons as an ITRT.)

And yet… he remembered me. After all these years. In a random sighting at a store.

My. Goodness.

We had a great conversation and he shared that he is heading into the Navy to serve our country. Oh, how his eyes lit up talking about his future plans! He was so excited!

It was an absolute highlight of my week!

If you are a teacher or administrator working in the schools, keep going. Keep pouring into these kiddos. It really does make an impact!

And who knows… maybe one day when you are shopping at the store, you, too, will get a glimpse of the seeds you sow.

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