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Waves of Change

I stand at the edge of the ocean and am reminded of how little I can control. The waves continue to crash; nothing I do or say can change the fact that the waves come in and the waves go out.

Some waves barely cast a ripple over my toes, as they quickly pull away to start again.

Other waves build their intensity from a distance, crashing hard and loud with tumultuous force, knocking down anything that might be in its path.

I can’t control the waves of change in my life. There are times when I can see the waves coming and brace myself for their impact. Other times I’m caught completely off-guard. There are even times when I’m knocked over so forcibly, I can’t get my bearings and am tossed and turned, battered by that which I cannot see.

And yet… I rise.

I stand.

I try again.

Even with this turbulence, I still find such beauty in the waves. They bring peace and joy to my morning.

When the waves of life come crashing on the shores of your soul, just remember that the chaos is temporary. The waves aren’t turbulent forever. The intensity will eventually subside.

And there will again come a time when you can stand along the edge and rest in the awe of things you can’t control.


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2 thoughts on “Waves of Change”

  1. Hello Tamara,

    Mrs Petersen ( RGJS)shared a link that brought me here.
    I read Waves of Change and felt it was specifically written for me.
    Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring work. I will read your other work as well.

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