Beyond the Day 2019

Each year on November 13, people around the world join together to make the world a better place. Commonly known as #WorldKindnessDay, this event of global kindness was first introduced in 1998 and each year it continues to grow in popularity. Now, with the instant access of social media platforms, it’s easier than ever to share the kind acts you do, see, or receive on this special day.

Like many around the world, I joined in the fun of sharing kindness, too. I wore my favorite aqua blue cardigan to honor the work of Mr. Rogers, one of my favorite Kindness Cultivators. I wore a kindness-themed shirt and took the time to wish students a “Happy World Kindness Day” greeting as I smiled at them entering the school building.

I worked in classrooms collaborating with teachers on kindness-themed lessons and ended my day at a Starbucks where I purchased a drink and a cookie to surprise a friend while also paying for the person behind me in the drive-thru line.

A Starbucks surprise for a friend
That’s when I spotted a car behind me in line…
… and paid for his coffee, too!

I had a few pre-planned acts of kindness for #WorldKindnessDay as well. I sent several friends personal notes of appreciation. I had a special shirt custom-made from another friend (supporting her local business) then gave the shirt to a teacher in our district battling breast cancer.

I loved the shirt design so much, I bought one for myself, too! Hope is everlasting!

I saw a spectacular sunset on the drive home and said a little prayer of gratefulness, soaking in the kindness from above.

I spent some time with my family, sharing a meal at the kitchen table and watching our regular shows on TV. I connected with friends on social media liking, sharing, and commenting on their kindness posts. Then I ended my day with a book giveaway on Twitter just to share in the joy of one more RAK before the day was done.

Congrats to Michelle Adkins who won a free copy of my book!

But what about the next day?

What about the day after World Kindness Day?

Is it just about the one day of feel-good hype or does kindness extend beyond the day?

I think you already know my answer for that question.

Today is November 14.

Another day to Be the Good in the world.

Another day to spotlight the good in others.

Another day to remind the world that kindness matters every day.

Another day to celebrate kindness in all we say and do.

I hope you will join me in continuing the kind acts of others in your own special ways in the days and weeks to come. Keep posting your photos. Keep sharing your stories. Keep rocking it out.

Even when you think no one is watching, they are.

You are an inspiration each and every day!


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2 thoughts on “Beyond the Day 2019”

  1. You are correct. We need to find those small opportunities and take them every day; I want to focus more on spotlighting the good that I see others doing (or being). Thank you for an inspiring post!

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