This Moment

It happens in the blink of an eye.

You enter this world, so small and pure and whole, this moment so encapsulating that we can’t even fathom a day when you will be old enough to leave our wings of security.

And yet… you do.

You learn. You grow. You discover right ways and wrong ways and somehow make sense of it all as you reach milestones around every bend.

Despite our best intentions to slow down time, today arrives and we are not ready. We frantically make sure you have everything you need, while worrying about those things we cannot control. We question our decisions, ponder our purpose, and mourn the loss of time that passed too quickly.

You, however, are ready to soar.

In this moment, our separation reminds us that each day is a gift and if we can just make it through to the end, we will once again see your smile shining back on us.

You were made to achieve great things.

You were made to create an everlasting impact on the world around you.

You were made for this moment.

And in this moment, we stand to the side and watch as you lead the way.


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