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Kindness Bingo 2019

A few years ago I was brainstorming ideas with my coworker, Stacie Taylor, about how we could interact more with the teachers in our district using Twitter. We had discovered the power of Twitter to connect people with shared interests and we wanted to keep the conversation going throughout the summer.

Inspired by Teri Pendley, Melody Stacy, and Matthew Arend, we created our first board, shared it on Twitter, and tagged a few coworkers to join in the fun. All summer long, we tweeted about our joyful moments, sharing dozens of selfies and photos of our adventures.

#HCPSpln Twitter Bingo – 2017

In our second year, we edited the bingo board template and this time encouraged our global PLN to join us, too. We added icons from The Noun Project, included a few hyperlinks for the digital version, and shared with the link The response was overwhelming as so many people across the world started sharing the board with their coworkers and friends, may even customizing it with their own district’s hashtag.

#HCPSpln Twitter Bingo – 2018

As Stacie and I sat down at the start of June to brainstorm ideas for a new Twitter Bingo Board this summer, she suggested a kindness theme. Now I know many people think this was my idea, but I have to give her complete credit! (And yes, I realize how ridiculous it is that the gal who wrote a 250 page book about kindness didn’t even think to offer it up as a bingo board theme!)

This is our first week of summer break and it has been SUCH a joy to see people across the United States and the world sharing their kindness tweets as they complete the various challenges on our board. I can only imagine how many posts will be shared by the first week of September when our summer officially ends and we are back in school with students!

If you would like to join in the fun of Kindness Bingo, you can get your template at and click the “Use Template” button in the top right corner to customize for your organization. You can also save the image below to use as shown!

#HCPSpln Twitter Bingo – 2019
“Kindness Edition”

It’s been fun to see all the different ways people mark their bingo boards. Some people save a digital image to their phone then use the photo editing markers to slash through boxes. Others add emoji stickers to cover the spaces they’ve completed. Some will take photos of their printed boards as they complete squares and many try to cover the entire board by the end of summer break.

The rules of Kindness Bingo are pretty easy: When you complete a bingo, share a photo of what you did and include the hashtags #passionforkindness and #HCPSpln (or your own district’s hashtag). That’s it! You are welcome to tag me if you like (@tamaraletter) because kindness always makes me smile!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you are welcome to share there as well – don’t think this has to be limited to Twitter! Any possible way we can brighten the world with kindness is a win for everyone!

For those occupations that don’t provide a traditional “summer break” like teaching, I’m sure you can find ways to complete the tasks above in the workplace or during evenings and weekends. We want everyone to feel welcome – you are ALL invited to the Kindness Bingo fun!

May your summer months be filled with joy as you shine your light for all to see!


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