April Fools’ Kindness

It’s the first day of April and you know what that means – a day filled with jokes, pranks, and “Gotcha!” moments left and right. For us, it’s the first day of Spring Break and it’s a Monday, so I decided to do something fun just because I could. It’s also the week that many of our students are performing their Kindness Passion Project RAKs, so I wanted to share in the joy, too!I

Inspired by Laurie McIntosh’s recent RAK of giving flowers to drive-through workers, I decided to bring someone flowers, too. I wasn’t quite sure who I wanted to bless, but I figured it would hit me as I went about my day.

As I added my final items to my shopping list (including flowers!), I grabbed the stack of books I needed to mail out and put them in my travel box to bring to the post office. As I was putting them in my car, it suddenly hit me – I should bless the postal workers with flowers!

I went to the post office first as it sometimes takes a while to mail out packages and I wanted to see how many people were working at the registers today. I saw two ladies and knew they would be the perfect recipients.

Next, I headed to my favorite Kroger grocery store and saw these beautifully bright flowers that caught my eye. I grabbed all the groceries on my list, carefully added the flowers to my cart, made my purchases, then walked back to my car.

Standing outside the post office, I decided to make a live video to post on Instagram. (This is a stretch for me because live videos are a wee bit outside my comfort zone. This may shock a few of you because I love to talk and love technology!) As I was fumbling with the phone and the flowers, a kind lady came up to me and asked if I needed some help taking my photo (she thought I was trying to take a selfie!) I graciously thanked her, then explained I was getting ready to take a video instead. She laughed and continued inside the post office.

After explaining my RAK to those on Instagram, I went inside the post office and waited in line again, this time absolutely giddy with anticipation. After all, how many people walk into a post office with flowers in their hands?

When it was my turn to approach the counter, I handed the clerk my bouquet. “Today is April Fools’ Day, which means lots of tricks and pranks. I thought it would be fun to do something GOOD instead, so I’m blessing you with flowers to say ‘Thank You’ for all you do!”

Oh my goodness! I wish you could have seen her reaction! It was priceless! She put her hand to her heart, the shock apparent on her face, as this beautiful smile spread from cheek to cheek.

“For ME? That is so sweet!”

I asked if we could take a photo together and she readily agreed, coming to the front of the counter to stand together.

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Then I waited for the other clerk to return from the back and I presented her with flowers, too. She was the clerk that had processed my book packages earlier in the day, so I thanked her for taking care of all the books I’ve been mailing lately. She was just as surprised by my RAK! As she came to the front, I heard her say, “Wow! I feel so appreciated! This is just incredible!”

After we took our photos, I turned to see everyone smiling. EVERYONE! Do you know how great that is to see EVERYONE around you with a smile on their face? WOW!

I left the post office with a heart filled with joy and a perma-smile on my face for the rest of the day. It was a perfect way to #CelebrateMonday and put a little kindness boomerang on this April Fool’s Day!

How are YOU adding good to the world this week? Leave a comment and share your stories, too! There will be a few more posts heading your way this week as I share the latest on my #REBkind Kindness Book Tour to Texas and my recent book signing events. Subscribe below so you don’t miss a single post!


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2 thoughts on “April Fools’ Kindness”

  1. I made several freezer meals for one of our coworkers who has been in the hospital and is finally home. We also took him dinner for tonight!

    1. I love all the ways you show kindness to others, Sara! Thanks for commenting on this post and inspiring us all!

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