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It’s a Small World

I love meeting new people. I’m intrigued by life experiences, by commonalities and differences, and I feel the more people I interact with the more my scope for acceptance and understanding expands. While traveling on the Disney Dream, we learned that there were 1,500 employees (cast members) representing 66 countries working on our ship. WOW!

I love that all cast members wear name tags with their first name and home country listed beneath. It was a great conversation starter as we got to know our servers, stateroom attendants, and activity guides.

On our second morning, we stopped in the Bahamas and received an impromptu tour of the city as we traveled by bus. Our driver pointed to the colorful flags decorating the government buildings and explained that they celebrated their national day of Independence the day before, on July 10.


Their country, independent from the United Kingdom for a mere forty-four years, has had their share of highs and lows. Our driver shared stories about their history, their healthcare system, even the impact of tourism on their economic growth the past decade.

The information fascinated me. I was intrigued by their customs and celebrations and how they compared to those we hold sacred in our own country. I wanted to learn more and showcase some of their cultural traditions to my children, to broaden their perspectives of the world around them.

This led me to curiosity about the guests who were sharing in our Disney cruise. Where were they from? How diverse were we as travelers? My children and I placed a whiteboard on the door to our cabin encouraging guests to share where they were from. Imagine our delight when the board was filled in a matter of days!

While many of our fellow travelers were from the United States, our list of locations spanned all four time zones, east to west. We even had a family from Germany and another from Canada stop to add to our board. So great! We located all the places on a map and reveled in the opportunity to mingle with people from around the world.

We were exposed to other languages all around us from guests chatting with their friends and families at the pool, in elevators, and along walkways. The announcements were shared in multiple languages as well, showing us the importance of bilingual skills. This exposure to language was a great springboard to conversations about diversity as my family engaged with others from Singapore, Colombia, and Norway.

My challenge to you today is to expand your circle of diversity. Connect with a stranger who lives in another state/country or teaches a different content area. Follow a blog written in another language and use Google Translate or some other digital tool to translate the content for you. Dig a little deeper to read about other countries and traditions, then share your learning with others. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the diversity that makes our lives richer, fuller, more complete. It’s a small world, indeed! Embrace it!


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