Roses for Sandra

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Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! Bright blue skies, warm sunshine, a gentle breeze, with just a hint of summer smiling down on me. After a long, cold winter and weeks of dreary rain, this weather was a gift from above. These are days of joy!

I was reminded of the old adage to “stop and smell the roses.” I took my lunch outside and sat at the patio tables, listening to children laughing around me. I walked around campus the long way instead of rushing from class to class. When my day was done, I decided to pack up and leave the building instead of staying inside the four walls. This day was meant to be cherished in every possible way!

I wanted to do a random act of kindness in memory of a friend’s mom, who passed away a year ago today. Sandra was everything you could want in a mom – loving, kind, and generous. I wanted to do something special to reflect the love she had not only for her daughter, Holly, but for everyone she met.

I went to the store to pick out the most beautiful roses I could find, then had them arranged in a pretty vase to share. I wrote a note and attached it, my heart smiling as I wrote Sandra’s name. Then I drove to a local assisted living facility and asked that the staff give the flowers to someone who needed a little extra joy in their day, maybe someone who didn’t have an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps these roses could bring sunshine to them instead.





Make sure you take some time today to stop and smell the roses. Each day is a beautiful gift to enjoy!

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