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Celebrate Kindness Manifesto

Why celebrate kindness?

Think about all the things we celebrate in this world. Birthdays. Holidays. Marriages. Deaths. Each has their set of cultural expectations and, for the most part, we join in without question. It’s simply what we do.

Yes, I know we celebrate in different ways and there are some who choose to celebrate nothing whatsoever. There are even a few who claim to celebrate everything.

Wait. That might be me.

It’s true. I have a tendency to turn everyday events into celebrations. Why, even today I celebrated Pi Day at school!


For the most part, with the exception of the passing of a loved one, celebrations bring a spirit of joy and frivolity. There are smiling people, genuine merriment, and quite often food.

Food makes everyone happy.

Celebrations are a way to mark the passage of time, achievements now grasped, acknowledgment of worth. They bind people together with a common thread, weaving memories into a tapestry of stories to be shared with others long after the celebration has ended.

My children love to pull out the dusty scrapbook albums lining my bookshelves, the plastic sheet coverings crinkling as they turn page after page. “Remember this, Mommy?” they question as their faces light up from pictures of their first birthday parties. Though they were too young to remember the moment of shoving their fists into the cake and smearing icing across their faces, they have a memory captured forever in their spirit simply because I took the time to document the celebration.

Kindness is a value I’ve always held sacred. Whether it was sitting beside an outcast on a long bus ride home, or smiling at a stranger passing by, I’ve always tried to make an effort to be nice, even when there was no reward. It wasn’t until I chose to do 40 random acts of kindness for my milestone birthday did I realize that the very act of kindness itself could be a celebration.

Celebrate kindness. It’s my life’s purpose, an inseparable part of my soul.

I was hesitant to share my stories at first. What would be the reaction? Would I be viewed as self-serving and narcissistic? Who would take the time to read my writing? Would anyone even care?

So many questions.

I dove into uncharted waters, praying I remembered how to swim, and dog-paddled my way to this moment, here with you today.

It’s no accident that you are reading my words right now. Maybe the title of my post intrigued you or perhaps you are a faithful follower who never misses a post. Either way, I know you are bound for greatness. You are here for a reason.

Why celebrate kindness?

Quite simply: Why not?

Whether your kindness is a small act of sharing or a monumental sacrifice for many, you have the power to change the world, one random act at a time. Never underestimate your worth. Don’t doubt the impact your actions have one someone else’s life. If you don’t tell your story, who will?

I am here to prove that kindness matters. And that is worthy of celebration.




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