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Seesaw Success

“Are we going to save our voice when we read today?”

“Do we get to draw again?”
“How many pictures can I take with my iPad this week?”
These are just a few questions I hear when I walk into Ms. Feighner’s kindergarten class with a wagon filled with iPads. The past few weeks we’ve been using the Seesaw app (iOS/Google Play) to enhance work done in reading rotations. Last week students used the iPad to photograph their book covers then record themselves reading the story for a fluency record. For many, this was the first time they had ever heard their voice played back on a digital device! 

This week students explored the drawing section of Seesaw. We talked about characters and setting, distinguishing between the two, then students drew pictures on the iPad of a setting that might be found in a story. Several students included characters in their drawings, too! After creating their artwork, students recorded a description of the picture they drew.

The best part of Seesaw is that students can share their work with their teacher and classmates by adding their name and uploading to their Seesaw class. Now everyone can learn from each other!
Students can “like” and leave comments for each other, too! We are excited to use this tool in our learning and are excited to explore the digital writing options next week!

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