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Shape Hunt

This week Ms. Houston’s first grade class has been learning about shapes in the world around them. On Monday, the students learned how to take photos on an iPad, then went around the room capturing the flat shapes hidden in everyday objects. They recorded their insights on paper, analyzing each shape for the number of sides and vertices.

“See? There’s a triangle right there!”
Recording Sheet
Identifying Sides and Vertices from Photographs
On Tuesday, students imported their photos into the Pic Collage app, adding labels and personalizing fonts. They even added a smiley-face sticker for a job well done! When finished, students exported a screenshot of their collage to the iPad’s Camera Roll which was later transferred through the Dropbox app into a Google Slides presentation. We kept the background color simple and light, choosing to focus on the content of our collage, not the extra special effects.

Resizing Photos

Adding Text
Almost done!

We had such a fun time identifying shapes and their attributes – who knew we could find so many shapes in one classroom? To see all the student collages, click here!

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