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International Dot Day

Today I visited with two teachers celebrating International Dot Day, based on the children’s book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

This story tells the tale of a student who was frustrated by her lack of drawing skills. When her teacher frames the paper containing her single dot, she suddenly has a new appreciation for the boundless limits of her creativity. What a delightful and inspiring message to share with students! 
Mrs. Brown’s second grade class listened to the story, then created their individual dots to form a paper class quilt:
(If you’d like to hear the story and see the individual dots created, click here.)
As a culminating activity, Mrs. Brown’s class used Skype to connect with Ms. Grimes’ class in Asheville, NC to share their dots with each other:

This was the first time Mrs. Brown’s class used Skype; it made for an exciting morning indeed! Mrs. Brown and I made sure to wear our “dots” as well:
In Art class, Ms. Candler read The Dot to students then provided watercolors, crayons, markers, and more for students to explore their dot creativity: 

It was such a joy to see all the smiling faces of children enjoying their artwork! A special thanks to author Peter H. Reynolds for sharing his story with the world and inspiring students to shine with their own self-confidence!

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