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Souvenir Pennies

Today while visiting a gift shop on vacation, my children spotted a machine that transforms pennies into souvenirs.

“Mommy, look!” said one, pulling on the edge of my black sweater. “It’s like magic!”

We stood there, staring at the intricate gears through the glass cover, trying to figure out exactly how the machine worked. “Do you have two quarters?” my middle child asked, already knowing that few things in life are free. Normally, my stock answer is “Sorry, love, not today,” but I remembered a bag of change I tossed in my purse as we were leaving for our trip.

They all gathered around the machine, added their quarters and watched the penny move through the various slots.


“Look! This is so cool!” Their excitement of seeing the souvenir penny was shared by others walking by.


As my children turned to explore other parts of the gift shop, I lingered behind to do an act of kindness for the next child who wanted a souvenir penny. I left all the coins needed in the push tray.


May you be inspired to look for simple ways to make someone else smile! Be blessed!

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  1. I love this. I have been looking at things for a little while about random acts of kindness. You see, I have a blog that every week posts a new adventure challenge and recently I posted one about random acts of kindness.
    So I have been looking for ideas and stories from people that are frequently doing them. And I LOVE this one!! It so simple and easy, and could totally make someone’s day. Its proof that RAK’s can be easy and fun to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

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