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#RAKFriday 2014

Ahhhh… another year of Black Friday has officially come and gone. Like years past, I spent the day doing random acts of kindness in the midst of my shopping, looking for opportunities to bless others with kindness. Here’s a list of what I did!

1.  I taped a dollar bill to a Matchbox car at Five Below so a child could purchase the car for free.

Photo Nov 28, 5 24 24 AM
Shopping at 5:00 in the morning – still dark outside!

Photo Nov 28, 5 23 04 AM

2.  I blessed a stranger at Shoe Carnival with a $5 off coupon for the boots she was preparing to buy. She was thrilled with the unexpected surprise!

Photo Nov 28, 6 19 48 AM
My #RAKFriday card

Photo Nov 28, 6 17 01 AM

3.  My cousin, Becky, works at our local JCPenney store, so I wanted to bless her with a random act of kindness, too (God bless ALL the retail workers on Black Friday!) I went to the store to find out when she was working, only to discover that her shift was almost over. Luckily, her awesome brother, Anthony, blessed her at midnight with a Frappuccino. He RAK’d her with a Frap! So funny!

Me with my fabulous cousin, Becky
Me with my fabulous cousin, Becky

JCPenney stores were doing their own random acts of kindness, tweeting out good deeds with the hashtag #JustGotJingled. They think I have a pretty amazing family, too!

Photo Nov 28, 4 06 03 PM

4.  While shopping at Target, I taped a Free Compliments sign to the inside of a restroom door. I also let someone go ahead of me in line.

Photo Nov 28, 8 36 53 AM



5.  While shopping at Claire’s, I saw this adorable little girl getting her ears pierced. What a milestone moment! I asked her mom if I could buy her a pair of earrings to celebrate the occasion. (Then I went and bought her two!)

Photo Nov 28, 11 28 58 AM

Photo Nov 28, 3 08 37 PM


When I paid for the earrings, I also donated $1 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Photo Nov 28, 11 48 07 AM

6.  As I drove to a different mall and searched for a parking space, I passed up the close spot to bless someone else with a shorter walk.

Photo Nov 28, 1 15 14 PM

7.  After picking up one last gift, I left the mall to head home. Traffic was crowded, but I made sure to leave space and waved a truck through so they could enter the line. May not seem like much, but the people in the truck were all smiles!

Photo Nov 28, 2 12 53 PM

8.  I wrapped up my day by stopping by Starbucks and buying snowmen cookies for my kids and a latte for my husband.  I then gave up my table so an older couple could have a place to sit.

Photo Nov 28, 9 06 06 AM

#RAKFriday 2014 was a great success! If you did anything kind for someone today, comment below or tweet it to me @HCPSTinyTech. Be sure to include the tag #RAKFriday so we can have all the RAKs in one place.

I wish you a blessed holiday season! RAK on!



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  1. You are the best. I love ya and what a God moment to have us both there at the same time. You made Maddie’s day which in turn made this momma’s day. Thank you.

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