Blessing Others, Kind Actions, Kind Words

Kind Words, Kind Actions

Today’s random acts of kindness began with the sweetest surprise – a teacher brought me this card and said, “As soon as I saw this, I thought of you!” It totally made my day!

Photo Nov 12, 8 05 07 AM

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling. I really like that. 🙂 Later in the day, I received an email from a teacher needing to borrow an iPhone charger. I gladly offered mine. (Kate and Fay – this is a pay-it-forward for the days I borrowed yours!)

Photo Nov 12, 11 12 45 AM

As the day was winding down, a teacher passed by my desk and asked if she could have a piece of chocolate from my candy jar. “Sure,” I replied with a smile, “As long as you do a random act of kindness in return.” How exciting to think of all the acts of kindness that have been completed in exchange for some sweet treats. Looks like I will need to fill my candy jar in the morning!

Photo Nov 12, 3 40 00 PM


At our faculty meeting, our principal announced a kindness initiative for November where we will write kind words on red hearts then tape them to a hallway wall in the shape of a HUGE heart. The only problem is… we have no red hearts. I approached her after the meeting and volunteered to copy and cut the hearts for others to use.

This evening, I posted a shout-out on Facebook about my fitness instructor at the Y. She is so dedicated to her “second job” and has such a vibrant personality; she’s one of the few people I know who can make me smile as I’m sweating and struggling to lift a weight bar.

Photo Nov 12, 8 09 06 PM

You know what? I bet you don’t even realize just how many awesome random acts of kindness you do throughout one complete day. I would challenge you to make a list, even if no one else ever sees it, and record all the times you either said something nice to someone else or completed a kind action without expectation of anything in return. It makes me smile right in this moment to think that your list may be longer than mine.  🙂

Thank you, dear readers, for allowing me a small bit of your day to share my RAK stories in honor of World Kindness Week. It’s been a joy to blog them every day! Check back again tomorrow – I have a few planned RAKs up my sleeve for the coming days!

Be blessed and feel free to share this post with your friends and social media sites. The more we share, the more we inspire!  🙂


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