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Random Act of Kindness – ISTE RAKs Received

One of my favorite parts of the ISTE conference was interacting with people. As many of you know from my previous post, I made a deliberate attempt to show kindness to others, from leaving notes and candy in hidden places to actually purchasing gift cards for random strangers. I was hopeful that others would enjoy my RAKs and connect with me by tweeting out a picture or a shout out for the random act of kindness using the hashtag #ISTE2014RAK. Here are a few of my favorites!

Photo Jul 12, 11 18 03 AM

Photo Jul 12, 8 53 24 AM

Photo Jul 12, 8 51 41 AM

This gal tweeted her message, then I ended up meeting her in the LeVar Burton session as she stood behind me in line.  How fun!

Photo Jun 30, 2 29 54 PM

Photo Jun 29, 5 15 10 PM

I also made sure to look for the good in others so I could acknowledge RAKs received. As I was standing at the ISTE advocacy station, signing a petition for more funding for educational technology, I mentioned how much I loved writing with the pen beside the clipboard. (Those of you know me well in real life are laughing right now because you know my adoration of the ultra fine tipped Sharpies!)  Without hesitation, the girl smiled and said, “Keep it!  I have another one just like it!”

Now this many not seem like a big deal to you, after all it’s just a writing utensil, right?  But it was AWESOME!  This was kindness, generosity, and care all rolled up in a cylindrical container that produced ink upon pressure.  It made my morning!

Photo Jul 01, 10 27 48 AM

I was also appreciative of the kindness shown by vendors.  Yes, many of them had swag to share with a purpose of engaging you as a potential customer, but some went above-and-beyond with their kindness.  My next post will be about them. 🙂

If I had to choose my most favorite RAK given and received, it would probably be the simple act of smiling at one another.  Have you ever thought how much weight a smile can lift off your shoulders and mind?  A smile is probably the easiest and most powerful tool we each have to show kindness to those we  do and do not know.  Imagine… 16,000 people smiling back at you as you sit beside them, pass them in the walkways, wait with them in line.

THAT, my friend, is the picture of joy.  🙂

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to smile at someone today!  Put a little bit of good back into this world.  It will make you feel great when they reflect your smile right back!

Be blessed with kindness!

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