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Random Act of Kindness – A RAK for Meg #RAK #megsmiles

Spring is in the air!  The flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, and I have discovered that people are more pleasant with smiles and laughter ringing through the air.  Maybe southerners are just naturally friendly people, or maybe those around me are just so happy to NOT have sleet or snow… whatever the reason, this week has been inspiring by the kindness I’ve seen in others.

Those of you who follow my blog probably read about my April Fool’s RAK where I blessed a random person with lottery scratch-off tickets.  Well, the day I purchased those, I purchased a few more and stuck them in my purse just in case I was inspired to RAK someone again the same way.

Well, today was the day!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Meg Menzies these past few weeks.  Three months ago, I ran around a local school track with my friends, our meager attempt to show support for the activity Meg loved best.  Three weeks ago, I ran a 5K with my kids, all decked out in blue down to my shoelaces (Meg’s favorite color and mine.)

January 18, 2014
January 18, 2014
March 16, 2014
March 16, 2014

I joined the Meg’s Miles Supporters Facebook group and have enjoyed reading the inspirational posts from the members of that group (Over 15,000 strong!).  I’ve also been following the work of Kel Kelly, a Bostonian who offered to collect running shoes in Meg’s memory and create a memorial now displayed at Mile Marker 1 of the Boston Marathon, the very race Meg was training for when she was tragically killed in January.

"Soles of Love" created by Kel Kelly, photo courtesy of Channel 5 news in Boston, MA
“Soles of Love” created by Kel Kelly, photo courtesy of Channel 5 news in Boston, MA

(To learn more about “Soles of Love”, click here.)

Even though I did not know Meg, I think of her often.

Today I was sitting in a parking lot texting my daughter when I happened to look up and see the car parked ahead of me.  The personalized plates made me stare in shock.  Surely this person was related to Meg!  They had to be!  (For privacy reasons, I’m not listing the license plate number, but it reminded me of Meg in an instant.)  I immediately remembered the lottery tickets in my purse and wrote a quick note on a pad of bright pink post-it notes I always carry in my car: Photo Apr 04, 6 04 26 PM I then placed the note and the scratch-off tickets in a ziploc bag (another odd thing I seem to always have on hand, lol) and placed it on the windshield of the unknown car. Photo Apr 04, 5 44 11 PM Whether the recipient of my RAK was related to Meg or not doesn’t really matter.  It was a RAK for her and it made my heart happy to know that any positive action in her memory, whether running a race or performing a random act of kindness, would be meaningful to her, her family, and all those who have grown to love and care so passionately for this wonderful woman.  Tomorrow, my husband and my son will be volunteering at water stops on Mile 8 and Mile 18 for those local runners doing their final training run in preparation for the Boston Marathon.  Another RAK in the making.  🙂

May your weekend be filled with the joys of spring and may you find your own simple way to share that joy with others.  Be blessed, my friends!

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