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International Pay-It-Forward Day – My Random Act of Kindness @RAKFoundation @therandomactorg #BeKind #RAK

Did you do anything nice for someone today? Maybe you held open the door for a stranger or perhaps you gave someone a compliment to brighten their day. Those count, too! No act of kindness is ever too small – you never know the impact your kind deed may have on someone else’s life!

To celebrate International Pay-It-Forward Day, I did a simple RAK at my school. I taped a few dollars to the drink machine in our teacher’s lounge with a note for the recipient to pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else. That’s it! Quick and easy!

RAKs don’t have to be these elaborate, expensive moments of generosity (although they are REALLY fun to read about, lol!). Just sharing kindness from one person to another is enough.


So tell me… What did YOU do today to Pay-It-Forward? One friend of mine made dinner for a family. Another friend of mine stopped on the side of the road and changed a stranger’s tire (we really appreciate people like that in this world!). My mom gave her 20% off coupon for Kohl’s to the lady in front of her in line (she had a LOT of items with no coupon and was very appreciative of my Mom’s kind gesture!) Maybe you spent time with a friend, just chatting and catching up. That counts, too! Everyone likes to feel special and carving time out of a busy day to talk with a friend is AWESOME! 🙂

You may have done several RAKs today and didn’t even realize it, because you are such a nice person EVERY day! How great! Give yourself a pat on the back for spreading a little more joy in this crazy world. You ROCK!

Comment below or send me an email and share in the fun of doing Random Acts of Kindness. I would love to be inspired by YOU! 🙂

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