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Random Act of Kindness # 37

Since today was a monumental day being the last time we will ever witness a triple digit replication date (12-12-12), I wanted to do something fun with the number 12 while performing a random act of kindness at the same time. After brainstorming a bit, I thought, “What could be more fun than… a dozen donuts!!”

So I headed to our local Dunkin’ Donuts shop (no Krispy Kreme nearby), and ordered a dozen assorted donuts.



I knew exactly who would be so deserving of an unexpected treat… our local firefighters! So I scribbled a note on the back of my business card then drove straight to the fire station.



I met the fire fighters, thanked them for their service, told them about my birthday project then passed along the donuts. So fun!


They insisted that I get in the picture by standing on their truck (which made me nervous being in heels!!). I actually laughed out loud when one of them said, “You won’t fall… we will catch you!”


Even though it was a very small gesture to say “Thank You!” for all the amazing services our fire fighters provide for our community on a daily basis, I was glad I took the time out of my day to show my appreciation. It was also a fun way to celebrate 12-12-12!

The next time you want to put a smile on your face… do something nice for your local fire fighters. I promise you will be blessed in return! 🙂

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