Blessing Others

Random Act of Kindness #23

What do you like to do on a Friday night? If you’re a mom like me, your Friday nights probably revolve around what your kids are doing. Some Friday nights I’m the taxi mom, driving my kids to birthday parties and sleepovers. Occasionally I’m the Friday night soccer mom when my husband can’t take our son to practice. Many Friday nights I’m the movie mom, making air popped popcorn (with extra butter!) and picking up a movie from the local Redbox kiosk.

Which brings me to my next Random Act of Kindness. Whether at the movie theater or at home, my children cannot watch a movie without popcorn. So in the spirit of all things buttery, we decided to bless someone’s night with… yes, you guessed it… popcorn!

I went into our pantry and found some unopened bags of microwave popcorn. Labeling each with the popcorn type and attaching my business card, we packed them up and headed out to the nearest Redbox kiosk (right outside a 7-Eleven). Then we taped each bag to the kiosk to bless someone’s movie night!



It was a small gesture of goodwill, but hopefully it made someone smile. Every movie deserves a popcorn treat!

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