Blessing Others

Random Act of Kindness #14

Tonight is Back-to-School Night at our school. For those of you without school-aged kids, this is the evening when classroom doors open to parents to meet the teacher and discover what their child will be learning about in the upcoming school year. It’s an exciting evening for students and parents, but can make for a really long day for teachers. Many teachers I know end up working 12-13 hours on Back-to-School night (not to mention the countless hours they put in to get everything ready prior to this evening!)

As I was passing through the teacher’s lounge this afternoon, I suddenly became aware of all the activity around me. Teachers were making copies. Sorting folders. Stapling papers. Just another day at the office (in the life of a teacher!)

My gaze extended past the copiers to the tall machine in the corner. Ahhhh… A drink machine! Wow – an ice cold Coca-Cola would taste great right about now!


As I made my way back to the other side of campus, I realized I had yet another opportunity to bless someone with kindness. I could buy someone a drink! That would be a great way to refresh and re-energize a teacher who has been standing on their feet all day long!

I dug through my purse for spare change (yet again!) and found four quarters. I added them to a ziplock bag, my celebrate kindness business card, and a little note. I then ran back to the teacher’s lounge and waited until it was empty, taping my offer to the drink machine.


I’m not sure who will take me up on my offer for a free drink, but I hope it blesses others whether they use it or not. A little bit of kindness goes a long, long way and you just never know how your simple act of goodwill can positively impact someone else!

Be blessed, my friends, and a special thank you to all those teachers out there who go above and beyond sharing kindness to children every single day!

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