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Random Act of Kindness #12

Timing is everything. Last weekend, I decided to take my kids to Maymont Park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We were in no rush to get ready, nor were we on any sort of timeline to leave the house (or arrive at the park.)  We definitely enjoyed the laziness of the day!  Before heading to the park, we stopped at Target and got caught up in the 70% off clearance sale racks by the entrance of the store.  At this point, I was starting to wonder if we would even MAKE it to Maymont!

But make it we did and it was a gorgeous day for exploring the park.  We took our time strolling through the gardens, climbing the hills, and reminiscing about all the other memories we’ve shared here throughout the years.  One of our favorite places to visit is the Japanese Gardens with their unique landscaping.  The kids love to skip over the stepping stones and cross the wooden bridges.  In warmer weather there is an active waterfall, so we were delighted to see it this day.

As were were crossing a bridge to leave the waterfall area, my thoughts were interuppted by a stranger’s voice.  “Would you mind taking our picture?”  “Of course not!  I would love to!” I replied.  As the man put his arm around the woman beside him, they were all smiles, obviously in love.  “Wait!” I said, “You are so cute together!  Let me take another picture from this side to get the waterfall in the background”  They happily posed for me, even asking if I was a professional photographer which only made me laugh even more.  “No, no, no, but I do love taking pictures!”

I then told them about my 40th Birthday Project and how taking their photo was another random act of kindness I was doing to celebrate my 40th bithday.  I asked for their permission to post photos and tell their story and that’s when the woman told me THE. MOST. EXCITING. NEWS!!!!

“We just got engaged!!!!!!”

WHAT?!?!?!  I was estatic!  I was the very first person to take a photo of this couple, a mere 20 minutes after he proposed to her during a picnic lunch on the very same hill my children and I had climbed to get to this exact location!  I couldn’t believe it!  How exciting!  So I gleefully replied, “Well, show me the RING!!!  I want to see the ring!!”  The ring was gorgeous (as all engagement rings are), and I ended up taking more photos of the couple, even a few of the ring, too.

Timing is everything.  Had we rushed out of the house, or not shopped at Target, or spent even 3 minutes longer climbing that hill, I would have missed capturing this sweet moment for this couple.  Sure, someone else would have come along and probably taken their picture.  But would they have taken half a dozen photos?  Or positioned the couple to show the waterfall… from their ENGAGEMENT DAY?!?  Or captured the sparkle from the delicate diamond ring now gracing the fingers of this very happy lady?  I am still smiling thinking about the moment.  How romantic – a park proposal!  And I got to share in the joy simply from being in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes we are blessed by simply being THERE.  In the moment.  Because timing is everything.  🙂

Congratulations to Amy and Alex on their engagement and a special thanks to them for emailing me the pictures I took with their camera so I could add their story to my blog.

Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite photographers, Lisa Zader ( and Stephanie Toll/James Lee ( who understand the beauty in being THERE to capture a memory.

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